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South Africa is home to 36% of approximately 5,250 Black Rhinos and 88.2% of approximately 20,400 White Rhinos in the World.

Black Rhinos

  • State Parks & Provinces
  • Private
  • Community
  • Africa - Elsewhere

White Rhinos

  • State Parks & Provinces
  • Private
  • Africa - Elsewhere


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Working together with people, companies and governments around the globe to Save the Rhino.

Save the Rhino - Rhino SOS


Rhino SOS is here for one reason and one reason only, to Save the Rhino.  We are working hand in hand with the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, the largest rhino orphanage and sanctuary in the world.

Our efforts span the globe, bringing people, companies and governments together to stand side by side in our bid to save the rhino.

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